Monday, 18 October 2021 21:53

AASP/NJ Collision Chairman’s Inquiry with DEG Results in Realistic Repair Time


...24 to 48 hours. The complexity of this inquiry added an additional day to the average turnaround time. The DEG also has a change rate of approximately 50% when sufficient information is provided with an inquiry.


“Inquiries are submitted by our end users: shops and adjusters,” Gredinberg explained. “Once it’s submitted, the DEG validates it and performs additional research to strengthen the inquiry if necessary. Then, we submit the inquiry to the IP which conducts their own evaluation and responds with an estimate for when the update will be made, or if they inform us that there’s no change, we investigate the reasons for that and work with the OEMs for clarification when needed.”


Cataldo was pleased with the resolution to his inquiry and sees it as an example of the importance of looking up repair procedures.


“Through the DEG, an additional 5.5 hours were added for this process, making the repair time more realistic, but it certainly makes me question what other procedures are out there that we aren’t being properly compensated for," Cataldo said. "Kudos to I-CAR for releasing the video. Procedures change constantly, and if things don’t look right, repairers need to file an inquiry with the DEG. They’re on our side to help us get properly compensated for the work we perform, and once they update a process, it helps everybody!”


Gredinberg urges repairers to file an inquiry if they notice a repair time or process that seems inaccurate.


“You have an opportunity to make a change on the vehicle you’re currently working on, and with responses often being available within 48 hours, there’s a good chance it will be resolved before your final supplement," Gredinberg said. "But on a grander scale, when something gets fixed, you’re fixing it for the entire industry---it helps every other repairer who works on the same car.


"In this case, that makes a huge impact because there are...

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