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AASP/NJ Collision Chairman’s Inquiry with DEG Results in Realistic Repair Time


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When Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) Collision Chairman Dennis Cataldo Jr. discovered the repair time for a new procedure seemed too low, he knew exactly what route to take.

Cataldo immediately filed an inquiry with the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG), which worked with CCC to evaluate Cataldo’s concern. As a result of these efforts, CCC’s database will be updated next month to reflect more accurate repair times.


The venture began when Cataldo watched a video from I-CAR’s Repairers Realm on Honda laser brazed roof replacement, featuring Honda’s Scott Kaboos, as he discussed a new repair procedure applicable to Honda Accords, beginning with model year 2018, to accommodate the laser brazed roof seam.


“It seemed like a lot of work, so out of curiosity, I checked my estimating system,” Cataldo recalled. “CCC listed the repair at 19.5 hours, but that didn’t sound right. This process requires cutting the roof off, which is a pretty labor-intensive way to remove it, and since shops can’t replicate how the factory installed the original roof, we have to separately order additional parts before installing the new roof.


“The procedures for the previous body style, requiring a simpler installation process, was listed at 20.5 hours,” Cataldo continued. “The new process involved way more work than on the previous model, yet the listed repair time was less. It just didn’t make sense, so I filed an inquiry with the DEG, providing links to Honda’s repair procedures and to I-CAR’s video.”


Within just three days, the DEG resolved Cataldo’s inquiry, indicating CCC’s next update will include an increase on the labor hours required for the roof replacement, and the information provider’s (IP) update will also clarify: “Time does not include R&I/R&R quarter glass.”


The time applied for the roof panel without a sunroof will be updated from 19.5 hours to 25 hours; for this procedure performed on vehicles with a sunroof, the original 21 hours will increase to 26.5 hours.


Although a 72-hour response seems pretty timely, DEG Administrator Danny Gredinberg said the average resolution time is...

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