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Man Arrested After Shooting at Car Thieves

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious


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Evan Wexler, CEO of Meat Innovations Inc. and COO of Steakhouse Elite, has caused waves in Fort Lee, NJ, after car thieves targeted his exotic and luxury car collection for the 18th time in the past two years.

Wexler was awoken in the middle of the night March 25, 2020, to see the would-be thieves at work outside. Before dashing out of his mansion in the nude, he grabbed a loaded AR-15. He confronted the men who had broken into and started his Mercedes G-Wagon, apparently in an attempt to open the security gates for accesss to his Lamborghinis, McLarens and Ferraris.


Wexler fired a warning shot as the thieves put his luxury SUV into drive and began to pull forward, a move which worked since they stopped the vehicle, got out and fled. However, when the police arrived, Wexler said they were more concerned about his firing a round into the air than tracking down the would-be thieves.


Wexler said he has called police 25 times since August 2019 for attempts on his car collection, yet thieves have only been caught once. His action picked him up citations for aggravated assault and possession of weapons for unlawful purposes.


As reported by the New York Post, the man “grudgingly” made a deal where he pled guilty to possession of a deadly weapon so authorities would drop the matter.


According to Wexler, the police don’t seem that interested in helping him solve the problem of thieves consistently targeting him. Instead, he had to sell all his guns and is serving two years of probation which includes needing permission to travel.


Last August, thieves were successful in stealing Wexler’s Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, worth more than half a million dollars. When the supercar was located a week later at a house in Newark, it had $80,000 in damages.


Despite one of the Fort Lee police officers acknowledging...

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