Thursday, 09 September 2021 15:43

Maryland’s FineFix Program Comes to a Close, Fines Forgiven for Nearly 20,000 Participants


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FineFix, Maryland’s uninsured motorist fine forgiveness program, officially ended July 31.

The FineFix program was a partnership between the Uninsured Division of Maryland Auto Insurance and the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA), and was executed in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Budget and Management’s Central Collections Unit (CCU).


The program launched in September 2019, and gave eligible Marylanders the opportunity to pay 20% of their outstanding uninsured motorist fines and have the remaining 80% forgiven. This eliminated a significant hurdle to registering and insuring their vehicles, and ultimately reduced the number of uninsured vehicles on Maryland roads. 


Over the course of two years, nearly 20,000 program participants have paid in full and completed the FineFix program. This has resulted in more than $30 million dollars in fines being forgiven across the state of Maryland. As fines were cleared and drivers regained the ability to register their vehicles, more than 1,200 drivers obtained auto insurance policies through Maryland Auto and other carriers.


“This program was created to aid Maryland residents in removing financial barriers from registering and insuring vehicles," said Maryland Auto Executive Director Al Redmer Jr. "Additionally, FineFix was intended to facilitate economic growth for the state of Maryland and allow participants to take advantage of all available employment opportunities and fully engage in our economy.


"One recent FineFix participant let us know that her fines were so overwhelming...

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