Wednesday, 04 August 2021 20:03

WMABA Releases Consumer Guide to Navigating Collision Repair

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The Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA) published a new guide to help consumers take control of their collision repair experience in a way that keeps their families safer following an accident.

"Due to rapidly evolving technologies and advanced safety systems in vehicles, the repair process has become much more complex," said Jordan Hendler, WMABA executive director. "Consumers are facing disparities in what the repairer and insurance company is telling them is correct for their car. We see this guide as a way to empower consumers to ask questions for themselves."


Following the steps in this consumer guide improves the likelihood of a repair completed according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) documented repair procedures. It also encourages consumers to ask questions about their estimate, and to take a proactive approach with all parties.


"WMABA recognizes the stress and lack of straight forward information regarding collision repair and insurance claims," said President Steven Krieps. "Consumers are already stressed following an accident and dealing with a world they have never even thought about can be overwhelming. We wanted to help them through the process in a way that keeps the safety of their families at the forefront."


"Repairers need to share this information with their customers," Hendler added. "This guide helps them understand the process, know they chose the right facility for their needs and actively be involved to protect the safety of their family."


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To learn more about the new consumer guide, go to https://wmaba.com/consumer-information/


Source: WMABA