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Tesla Hires at New York Gigafactory for Autopilot and FSD Beta

Written by Steven Loveday, Inside EVs


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Tesla is currently building its fourth and fifth Gigafactories, one in Berlin, Germany, and the other in Austin, TX.

However, many people are only familiar with Tesla's original Gigafactory, the battery facility in partnership with Panasonic in Sparks, NV. Tesla also recently opened a Gigafactory in China.


That's only four production facilities. The fifth came to Tesla as part of its acquisition of SolarCity, and it's located in Buffalo, NY.


The factory's main task is related to Tesla's solar roof project, though Tesla Solar hasn't yet ramped up significantly. It aims to be a major piece of the brand's future. However, for now, it will use its "Gigafactory 2" location for multiple efforts.


New York requires that Tesla have a certain number of employees in order to keep the monies invested by the state. With the solar business making slow progress, Tesla has had to add new activities at the factory, to hire more employees.


Tesla has made multiple attempts to restructure the work at the NY Gigafactory, including a deal with Panasonic to produce solar modules, which has since ended, as well as producing Supercharger stations.


Now, according to a recent report published by Electrek, Tesla has confirmed it...

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