Thursday, 25 March 2021 17:21

AASP/NJ Members Learn DOI Do’s and Don’ts Via Virtual Meeting


...take the stand that if they are to be liable for the quality of repairs, then they will not under-repair a vehicle for the benefit of an insurance company.


AASP/NJ Executive Director Charles Bryant reminded members to report issues they experience with insurance companies to him directly via the AASP/NJ Hot Line so these matters can be documented and brought before legislators in the hopes of effecting positive change.


AASP/NJ President Jerry McNee reminded all it really takes strength in numbers to improve industry conditions.


“We have a lot more rights than we actually know," McNee said. "I think everyone feels the same way; it only seems to get worse as the insurance companies continue to push the envelope further and further away with no remorse for the shop or the customer. If you are not working on your business and just solely in your business, things won’t get better.”


Source: AASP/NJ


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