Thursday, 18 February 2021 22:26

Lincoln University Students Get Internships with Black Automotive Media Group, Audi of America


...collaborate with the Black Automotive Media Group and Lincoln University to sponsor an internship program that will help introduce students of color to the exciting world of auto journalism.


"We believe that embracing diverse and unique perspectives is the key to discovering new and innovative solutions within the automotive industry and beyond.”


“The Black Automotive Media Group Internship Program is perfectly aligned with the university’s liberal arts student success model, ensuring that all students participate in co-curricular high-impact learning opportunities such as internships, community service and/or international experiences,” said Crystal Faison, director of internship services, Lincoln University.


The program is led by respected media experts Kimatni D. Rawlins of Automotive Rhythms Communications, Greg Morrison of Bumper2Bumpertv, and guest host automotive media journalists and publishers.


“Our collaboration with Audi of America and Lincoln University marks the second diversity-focused and academic program for BAMG that allows us to extend new opportunities to HBCU students," said Rawlins, a founding member of BAMG. "An internship with automaker Jaguar 25 years ago deeply influenced my pathway, ultimately leading to comprehensive experience and an extensive automotive career.


"So, to be able to create similar opportunities for African American interns with a strong interest in this field represents another opportunity to give back.”


“This brings my career full circle," said Morrison, a Lincoln University alumnus whose 52-year career in the industry with media outlets such as CNN, NBC, The Black Family Channel and others. "Many events in our country led to the awareness that Blacks are underrepresented in many industries, and BAMG is proud to have created the synergy between the auto industry, HBCUs and student media hopefuls.”


Source: Lincoln University


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