Tuesday, 17 November 2020 18:16

Massachusetts Voters Vote Yes on Right to Repair Bill

Written by Emmariah Holcomb, glassBYTEs.com


Massachusetts residents spoke out and voted “yes” on the Right to Repair Bill.

According to the results, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly voiced their support at the ballot box for Ballot Question 1, which will preserve vehicle owners’ rights to have access to and control of their vehicle’s mechanical data necessary for service and repair.


“It passed three to one, so it passed by an overwhelming majority even though the opponents spent a lot of money,” said Seth Maiman, Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) director of public affairs. “It clearly has a consumer consensus, a public mandate---always a good thing to have when legislating.”


Approval of Question 1 ensures car owners can control the mechanical data being transmitted by their vehicle through telematics.


This referendum also means owners will be able to have their repair data shared directly with auto glass repair and replacement shops. This is seen as a safety measure for the industry.


“The AGSC got involved in supporting this Massachusetts legislation for safety reasons, because we believe that consumer safety would be jeopardized if repair facilities didn’t have access to the telematics in a vehicle,” explained Maiman. “The idea that a vehicle owner would be able to take their vehicle to a shop to be repaired, in this case to repair or replace auto glass, that didn’t have access to vital safety data has been concerning to AGSC.”


Beginning with vehicles in model year 2022, cars sold in Massachusetts that use the telematics system will have to have...

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