Friday, 16 October 2020 20:28

Deer Crashes in MA Highest in Bristol County

Written by Curt Brown, The Standard Times


Five Dartmouth students and a school bus driver were injured in October of last year when a deer crashed into the front of the school bus on Chase Road. The crash began when a car first struck a deer and the animal was then thrown through the windshield of the school bus.


The bus driver suffered injuries to his hand when the deer landed in his lap. The driver was commended for putting his own injuries aside and getting the 34 students safely off the bus.


A good Samaritan was struck and killed by a vehicle in November of last year when he assisted a disabled motorist whose car struck a deer on Interstate 495 in Raynham.


Not only are these accidents potentially life-threatening and damaging to vehicles, they are also expensive to repair, according to local auto body shops.


Wayne Pereira, manager of Fall River Auto Body, said the extent of the damage is often determined by how fast the vehicle was going, the size of the deer and whether the deer was hit “full-on” with the front of the vehicle.


He said he has seen deer strikes at daylight and late at night. “They’re running out space to be,” he said of the deer.


Lech’s Garage and Auto Body in New Bedford has seen “quite a few” vehicles damaged in deer strikes even though it is early in the season, said Christine Lech, owner. The damage is usually to the front and the front corner of the vehicle, but sometimes it is confined to the side of the vehicle because the deer ran into the car.

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