Wednesday, 07 October 2020 22:05

NJ Man Sentenced for Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

Written by Daniel Israel, Hudson Reporter
The total loss exceeded $3.5 million. The total loss exceeded $3.5 million.


Aguirre subsequently introduced the victims to various chiropractors, medical imaging centers and others, who billed PIP insurance plans for medically unnecessary services.


Aguirre and an employee from an auto body shop in West New York, Individual-1, identified and recruited individuals who had been in car accidents.


According to the Carpenito, they found car accident victims through word of mouth in the community and through relationships with health care providers in northern New Jersey.


Aguirre paid Individual-1 for each accident victim whom Individual-1 helped identify and recruit to the scheme. Individual-1, in turn, paid accident victims for participating in the scheme.


As part of the scheme, Aguirre ensured that the victims had filed police reports to support subsequent insurance claims.


Aguirre directed the accident victims to visit specific health care providers to obtain medically unnecessary medical exams and services, such as X-rays and MRIs, for fake or exaggerated injuries that they supposedly suffered during the automobile accidents.


Quid pro quo


Aguirre was paid approximately $500 in cash by the health care providers for each accident victim he delivered. Health care providers submitted insurance claims to PIP insurance plans on behalf of the accident victims.


On Sept. 25, 2018, an individual from North Bergen, known as Individual-3, was involved in a vehicle accident in Elizabeth.

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