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AASP/MA Forms Five Committees to Focus on New Solutions to Industry Issues

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In a continued effort to address collision repair industry concerns, AASP/MA has created five committees within its Board of Directors to identify new potential solutions focused in specific areas problematic for Massachusetts body shops. 
Those five committees are the labor rate/BillableGenie, legislative/ADALB, Vendor Affinity Program (VAP), events and membership/marketing committees.
“As the saying goes, ‘Many hands make light work,'" said AASP/MA President Molly Brodeur. "With functioning committees working on their established goals, we feel the association as a whole can and will be more productive.
“The purpose of the committee structure is to have focused efforts within the board,” Brodeur continued. “AASP/MA had used the committee structure in the past but had gotten away from it for the past two years while we focused on redeveloping the chapter format, having local chapter meetings and getting a statewide Labor Rate Survey up and running, and achieving a documentable prevailing rate. 
"Keeping a lot of the conversations that happen at the committee level outside of the monthly board meetings allows us to function and act quicker, as the issues have already been hashed out and are ready for the full board to vote on.” 
The Labor Rate/BillableGenie Committee is dedicated to advancing the state’s labor rates and encouraging more shops to subscribe to National Auto Body Research’s BillableGenie program. 
Veteran AASP/MA shop owner Jack Lamborghini sits on the committee and is excited to help educate fellow association members on the importance of the association’s focus on labor rates. 
“The labor rate has been an issue going back 30 years," Lamborghini said. "For the last few years, it’s gotten to the point of literal absurdity. We have one of the highest costs of living and doing business in the country, and we’re getting reimbursed the least amount of money of anyone in the country by far. It’s just wrong on every level you can imagine. This should be a very galvanizing topic for everybody. There isn’t anybody in the industry who thinks for a moment that what we’re getting paid is anywhere close to fair or realistic.
“If we don’t have some entity looking out for the interests of every collision shop owner, manager and technician in this industry, the insurance industry will run us over," Lamborghini said. "If people aren’t willing to support the association---at least from a financial standpoint---then we’re not going to have a voice to protect us going forward."
The focus of the Legislative/ADALB Committee is on promoting AASP/MA’s labor rate bill and its proposed legislation to move the Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board (ADALB) from the Division of Insurance to the Department of Professional Licensing. 

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