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Monday, 13 January 2020 15:11

Safelite Motion in Discrimination Lawsuit Gets Denied

Written by Emmariah Holcomb,


Safelite’s second motion to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit in New Jersey District Court has been denied.

The court has yet to announce additional dates for this ongoing suit.


Case Background


Walters vs. Safelite began in June 2018 when Nicholas Walters filed a complaint against Safelite claiming the company displayed discriminatory actions against some of its employees. According to the original complaint, Walters began working with Safelite in or about 2005 in New Jersey. He was promoted to assistant store manager in May 2011 and in September 2015 he was promoted to store manager.


“Walters performed up to and/or exceeded the reasonable expectations of the company throughout his employment. In fact, at no time during Walters’s employment had he ever received a performance evaluation that rated his job performance anything less than meeting or exceeding expectations,” a portion of the complaint reads.


In 2014, Walters became concerned about the Philadelphia territory’s new management team, as he questioned if certain members had Safelite’s best interests in mind. His original complaint alleges he “observed those in the management team who were not abiding by Safelite’s code of conduct policy.”


Walters then stated he was offered a promotion, to become the Absecon store manager from members of management.


“Walters was informed [by two Safelite employees] the current store manager, Shelby Klein, who was on pregnancy leave at the time, was going to be terminated after returning,” a portion of the original complaint reads.


According to court documents, Klein was to “return from her pregnancy leave so it would not seem as if she was being fired for taking maternity leave.” Walters refused to take the promotion under those circumstances and requested to be transferred to a Connecticut store “so that he could get out of the Philadelphia region and its management team.” He was transferred in March 2015 and Klein was terminated from her position, according to court documents.


There he alleged continued discrimination violations against other employees and himself by other members of management. This led to “Walters being threatened, being put on a performance improvement plan, and ultimately his termination from the company.”

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