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Tuesday, 19 November 2019 19:34

Deer Collisions Keep Body Shops in Berks County, PA, Busy

Written by Jim Vasil, WFMZ News

You could be warned a million times, but almost nothing can prevent you from hitting a deer.

If that happens, your car could end up in the body shop, and many of those shops in Berks County, PA, are slammed right now.


"On average, I'd say you get at least one per day. There's days where you can get two or three," said Trevor Glass of Glass and Sons on Lancaster Avenue in Reading, PA.


This time of year is peak season for deer collisions. Glass said the repairs can cost thousands of dollars.


"It all depends on how fast you're going when you hit them," said Glass. "I would say something like this, you're around $4,000, maybe $4,500."


In 2018, State Farm Insurance said it recorded more than 140,000 deer collision claims in Pennsylvania during its most recent fiscal year.


Kirk McKently, owner of McKently Brothers Auto Body in Ruscobmanor Township, PA, said it's been a very stressful time of year. He's seen more than two dozen deer collision clients in the last few weeks.


"Sometimes [cars stay here] anywhere from a couple days to a month," said McKently. "We just work overtime. We do the best we can to get things done and keep everybody happy."


Both auto body shops recommended drivers at least look over their insurance options to see if they are able to lower their insurance deductible by paying more each month.


We thank WFMZ News for reprint permission.



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