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Tuesday, 11 June 2019 15:29

Four Days, Four Raids: Seven Arrests by Brockton, MA, Police Detectives

Written by Cody Shepard, Wicked Local Brockton


For the fourth time in four days, detectives conducted a raid on Friday, May 31, resulting in two arrests and the seizure of a handgun and narcotics.

Since Tuesday, May 28, when detectives raided an auto body repair shop on Perkins Street, police have arrested seven people while executing unrelated search warrants.


Detectives executed a search warrant around 9 a.m. at 237 Perkins Ave. Police say the target of the investigation was 50-year-old Roosevelt Wilson.


During a search of the home, police say they seized four individually wrapped plastic bags of crack cocaine from the top of a cabinet in a first-floor room near the front of the house.


“They also found a box of plastic sandwich bags, as well as several torn plastic bags, scissors and a digital scale in the same room,” said Darren Duarte, police spokesman.


Police say they also seized $2,000 from a jacket pocket in Wilson’s second-floor bedroom, in addition to another digital scale from the dresser in that bedroom.


State troopers, who assisted in executing the search warrant, located a loaded 9mm handgun in the second-floor bedroom of 24-year-old William Baker, Duarte said.


“Police found a live round in the chamber and 13 rounds in the magazine,” he said. “Troopers found the gun and ammo between a mattress and box spring. Baker could not produce a license to carry and investigators discovered the weapon was stolen.”


At the police station, detectives seized $802 from Wilson’s person.


Wilson was charged with a subsequent offense of illegal possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance (crack cocaine). Police say he has prior convictions for illegal possession with intent to distribute a Class D substance (marijuana).


Baker was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, illegal possession of a large-capacity feeding device and receiving stolen property.


Roosevelt and Baker were two of seven people arrested in the last four days as a result of raids in the city, none of which were related, according to police. The other raids occurred on Jon Drive, Harvard Street and Perkins Street.

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