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Wednesday, 01 May 2019 18:04

NABR Launches VRS Labor Rate Survey in MA


National AutoBody Research (NABR) recently announced the launch of its VRS Labor Rate Survey in the state of Massachusetts, sponsored by AASP-Massachusetts.


The online survey is free for all Massachusetts collision repair centers and can be found on NABR's survey website


Through the VRS Standardized Labor Rate Survey, NABR provides Massachusetts body shops with an independent third-party survey they can trust to survey labor rates properly and transparently.


"We are very enthusiastic to bring the innovative and proven VRS survey to Massachusetts," said Lucky Papageorg, executive director of AASP-Massachusetts. "Together, the VRS survey and system specifically address and eliminate the significant obstacles and problems this industry has faced with labor rate surveys and properly measuring market-based labor rates for far too many years---in fact, decades."


For example: NABR is independent and does not have a conflict of interest. The VRS survey is openly and equally accessible to all collision centers nationwide. The questionnaire and format are standardized, so all repairers take the same survey. The VRS measures posted labor rates, which are better indicative of market rates than are off-market discounted, negotiated, wholesale, or fleet rates not available to the general public. The survey is continuously measuring market rates; it's not limited to once every year or two or longer.


Further, the VRS reports a range of market rates, not one singular so-called prevailing rate for all shops. The data shows both shops and vehicles are different and do not necessarily have the same labor pricing for collision work. The VRS system treats data with integrity, not changing or manipulating data to achieve a particular outcome; rather, the data speaks for itself.


Finally, and very importantly, the survey reporting is completely transparent, similar to a gas station sign on the corner for everybody to see, thus enabling a pro-competitive environment in which individual body shops can make intelligent, informed, business-driven pricing decisions.


"NABR is delighted to conduct its independent survey in Massachusetts and encouraged to see that the association leadership recognizes the value and power the VRS system brings to the marketplace," said Richard Valenzuela, CEO of NABR. "We expect strong participation in the survey and look forward to reporting an accurate picture of what market rates really are in the state."


To see the innovative Variable Rate System for themselves, any collision repair owner or decision-maker may request a free online demo of the VRS.

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