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Monday, 05 March 2018 21:54

Potholes Pop up Amid Recent Weather Changes in PA

Written by Melissa Steininger, WTAJ/

While many people have been loving the recent spring-like temperatures in Clearfield County, PA, the rain on March 1 may eventually turn into snow.

The constant freezing and thawing have been creating the perfect conditions for potholes.


"If I'd been going any faster, it probably would have ripped the whole tire off," said Francis Rosana of Treasure Lake as he sat and waited for his car at Cataldo's Collision in DuBois.


He said it's not the way he wanted to spend his Thursday, but he had driven over a pothole in Treasure Lake. When he hit it, he said it sounded like it would be an expensive fix.


"It's a new one from this season. Unfortunately, they're all over," he said.


Rosana's damage ended up being a bent wheel. The owner of the collision shop, Carney Cataldo, said the same problems always pop up this time of year.


"A lot of potholes tire wheels alignments," said Cataldo.


All those problems could get pricey, said Cataldo.


“Wheels on some of the sportier cars are upwards of $1,000,” he said.


At Penn DOT in Clearfield, they're trying to keep up with all the potholes forming from the changing temperatures.


Tim Tekely, the Clearfield County Maintenance Manager at Penn DOT, said, "The freeze-thaw is really bad for the roads because that's what creates the potholes."


They said they're patching as many as they can, but Tekely said it's only a temporary fix.


"If we get another freeze-thaw cycle, the pothole you just replaced has the tendency to pop again," Tekely said.


Penn DOT said that once asphalt plants open in the spring, they'll focus on permanent repairs. Until then, Cataldo has a tip for keeping your car safe.


“We don't recommend swerving, or you'll be here for body repair. Just keep an eye out and watch for them,” Cataldo said.


Penn DOT is asking drivers to report any potholes to its 24-hour hotline at 1-800 -FIX-ROADS (1-800-349-7623).


We thank WTAJ/ for reprint permission. 

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