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Monday, 17 July 2017 22:35

Maine Autobody Association Responds to Governor LePage’s Veto of Legislative Document 1540

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The MAA feels Legislative Document 1540 is vital to promoting consumer safety and will continue to fight for shops and consumers in their state. If the Bureau of Insurance has not already done so, the association intends to request that it send letters to insurance companies reminding them of the anti-steering laws and to write the Bureau of Insurance about the 32 examples of steering provided during the hearing. This was part of the agreed-upon plan, had the bill gone through. They will also talk to their representatives about the best strategy for pursuing the legislation in the future.

“In addition, we think the insurance cards that everyone keeps in their cars is the ideal place for a well-placed sentence or two about consumers having the right to choose their collision repair shop and the number to call the Bureau of Insurance with any complaints about that process,” Papi said. “It’s all about informing the consumer.

“Our association is not going away! Often, we call insurance companies with the customer on speaker phone – it helps us know how the customer is being treated or what information is being given to them and assists us in navigating the process with them. Don’t give up! Politely but firmly call out any script or conversation that violates the anti-steering law. Call or write the Bureau of Insurance on your own, and detail your concerns. Help consumers file their complaints. If the Bureau had 25 or more complaints on file, the end result of our efforts might have been different. Get in touch with our association (email, and be proactive about steering situations – write down the details, collect the customer’s stories, call us if you want to use the form we made and help customers (”

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