Thursday, 19 December 2013 18:51

ABAC Member Meeting Covers Technology from BMW

On the evening of Tuesday, November 12, the Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC) hosted a members’ meeting at the Country House Restaurant in East Haven, CT. The majority of the evening was filled with useful information provided by BMW through the efforts of John Musco, Parts Manager for BMW of Bridgeport.

Due to the vast amount of knowledge being disseminated, ABAC President Tony Ferraiolo postponed the usual formalities at the beginning of the meeting in order to lead with BMW’s presentation. After being introduced, Jeanette Remington, Regional Aftersales Development Manager and Eastern Region for BMW, expressed gratitude to those present for attending the meeting, as well as for their loyalty and support to BMW.

Remington introduced the rest of her team from BMW: Andy Perna, Eastern Regional Manager–Wholesale Body & Paint; Melissa Costa, Brand Protection Manager; Kenny Tran, Body & Paint Technical Business Specialist; and David Brooks, BMW Chemical Sales Manager.

BMW’s presentation began with Tran who covered Advanced Technologies, including material of construction and joining processes, driver assisted systems, what’s needed to repair a damaged BMW vehicle, and the future of BMW vehicles. Tran’s detailed information provided a plethora of knowledge for attendees to use in their daily businesses.

Next, Costa discussed the three main protections of branding: the customer, the brand, and the economy. Costa’s job is to look for imitation parts claiming to be original BMW parts when they aren’t, and she showed attendees how to identify the differences in quality between original and counterfeit airbags as an example, stressing that the variances could determine whether a collision results in survivors or fatalities.

Brooks followed with up-to-date information on BMW chemicals, explaining why original BMW chemicals should be used. His reasons follow: exceptional customer service and technical support from BMW of Bridgeport, BMW chemicals are recommended and approved for BMW repair procedures, BMW chemicals qualify for BMW rewards points, and BMW chemicals are developed, tested and approved for use on all BMW vehicles.

Concluding BMW’s presentation, Pern directed attendees to the binders provided by BMW of Bridgeport which contained valuable information from the manufacturer. Pern also discussed the specials and promotions offered by BMW of Bridgeport, such as BMW Rewards.

ABAC expressed gratitude to Musco and the entire BMW team for taking time to share much needed information with their members and for their continuing support and dedication to the collision repair industry.

Ferraiolo next introduced Dan Thibault, Transportation Technology Intern for the CT Technical High School Systems, who spoke about the collision repair programs offered at local tech schools. ABAC has posted a list of technical schools in their area for anyone who is interested, and any shop owners seeking an entry-level technician for their shop can contact Ferraiolo who will put them in contact with Thibault.

Moving on to ABAC business, Ferraiolo provided an update on the Hartford Lawsuit, mentioned the association’s survey which will be distributed in ABAC’s upcoming newsletter, and encouraged members to complete and submit ABAC’s paint and material survey. The evening concluded with a raffle for prizes, donated by BMW of Bridgeport and Balise Auto Group.

For additional information about ABAC, their surveys or their affiliation with local technical high school’s collision repair training programs, contact Tony Ferraiolo at 203-269-2842.

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