Monday, 27 June 2022 09:51

AASP/NJ Members Get a Jump Start on Audi Materials and EV Technology


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In an effort to help collision repairers get a jump start on up-and-coming vehicle technology, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) hosted a training meeting featuring Mark Allen, manager of collision, equipment and EV after sales service at Audi of America, June 22 at the Holiday Inn in Clark, NJ.

Allen painted a very real---and in some areas, frightening---picture of what repairers need to consider as materials and technology continue to advance in ways that will clearly alter the way a shop approaches repairs.


He reminded the collision repair audience they should be looking at the procedures for every repair.


“We’ve had a war, COVID and supply chain issues, and all of that may have led to OEMs having to change things in these vehicles which may have also required altering the repair instructions.”


In addition to making sure the right procedures are being used, repairers have to also know what they are working with.


“Knowing what you are getting into is going to affect your business. Having the information to sell the job---and explain it---is worth every bit.”


He referred to materials such as advanced and ultra-advanced high strength steel.


“The structures are getting stronger and stronger and stronger to protect the occupants, but we have to know what we are working on before we go and look at the repair methodology and the attachments.”


The introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) brings...

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