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Tuesday, 24 December 2019 20:49

AASP/NJ Warns Collision Shops of Insurers' Claims on Proposed Legislation


“Well, insurers are right that consumers should be calling their legislators, but not for the reason the insurers want them to do so. Consumers – especially those who have been abused by an insurer when they put in a claim to cover a loss and were either shortchanged on their claim or had their claim improperly denied and received no help from the Department of Insurance – should be calling their legislators and telling them to vote ‘yes’ to this bill.”


“This bill holds the insurance company responsible. It puts their feet to the fire. Without it, it’s the wild, wild west. Nobody is enforcing the rules and regulations now,” comments AASP/NJ President Jerry McNee. “For them to say that this will increase premiums … that is simply untrue.”


“Every shop owner should be educating their customers about these issues and how this legislation can make a change for the better,” Bryant added. “The only way insurers are ever going to follow the regulations that govern fair claim settlement practices is when or if they are held accountable for their own actions. This legislation does exactly that.”


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