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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 21:58

AASP/NJ's NORTHEAST 2019 Features Industry’s Favorite Speakers

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Craig Seelinger, Vision+ program manager for BASF, presents “Business Data, Knowing Your Unknowns.” Craig Seelinger, Vision+ program manager for BASF, presents “Business Data, Knowing Your Unknowns.”


“We cannot look at the automotive industry’s past performance to predict the future. It’s not just a disruption to the automotive industry; it’s a technology change. It’s also a business and ownership model disruption. Technology improves in cost and utility at an exponential rate. The entire automotive ecosystem is experiencing disruption. Everyone’s uncomfortable today.”


The disruption is caused by the fact that so many people get killed in automobiles; 1.3 million traffic deaths occur worldwide every year.


Terlep reminded attendees, “If you’re not looking at the OEM repair procedures before you touch the vehicle, you’re not repairing the vehicle properly.”


The four forces driving the disruption are electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and diverse mobility. The forces of disruption also include the consumer, the vehicle, Maas and cybersecurity. Terlep explored these forces as well as possible solutions.


He stressed, “There are two ways to look at disruptions. You can believe that it means you’re doomed to fail, or you can see it as an opportunity. I always look at disruptions as an opportunity.”


At 12:30 p.m., an OEM panel on “The Changing Landscape in Certified Repair and Understanding the OEM Repair Procedures” featured Aaron Clark from Assured Performance, Leigh Guarnieri from Honda, Mark Allen from Audi, Kenneth Park from Volvo, Dave Gruskos from Reliable Automotive Equipment, and Rick Miller from Wadsworth International.


P.R.E.P. offered three options at 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon as well. Paul Stern of LiftNow Automotive Equipment discussed the evolution of ADAS and the importance of calibration and resetting these systems post-collision in “Safety System Alignment: A New Focus on Body Shop Profitability.” During “The Estimate Toolbox: Using FREE Resources to Complete an Accurate Vehicle Damage Repair Plan,” Danny Gredinberg of Database Enhancement Gateway explained how to use free resources online to document an estimate.


VECO Experts’ Mark Olson presented “Building the Bulletproof File: Documentation for Repair and Reducing Liabilities.” He started by asking attendees’ opinions on the current push for legislation regarding OEM procedures.

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