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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 21:58

AASP/NJ's NORTHEAST 2019 Features Industry’s Favorite Speakers

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Craig Seelinger, Vision+ program manager for BASF, presents “Business Data, Knowing Your Unknowns.” Craig Seelinger, Vision+ program manager for BASF, presents “Business Data, Knowing Your Unknowns.”


Discussing common causes of stress in the workplace, Seelinger emphasized the need to improve culture in shops. He also explained the important business uses of data: indicates performance; determines areas for improvement; illustrates employee performance, financial performance and costs; allows you to differentiate the knowns from the unknowns; and overall, allows you to make smarter decisions.


Seelinger then continued to discuss the most effective ways to look at KPIs, labor types and other business data to discover the unknowns.


He shared, “To know the unknowns, you have to dig through tons of data. It’s like peeling back layers of an onion; it may make you cry, but don’t be afraid to go there … To identify the root cause of a problem, you’ll need more data to validate the right solution. The real problem and solution can’t be unknown unless that is completed. Once done, empower your people; they have solutions.”


At 7 p.m., the 2019 James Moy Memorial Award for Dedication to the Automotive Repair Industry was bestowed upon Marc Gabbard, owner of GSR Quality Collision Repair in Yakima, WA.


At the same time, Mike Anderson of Collision Advice unveiled his brand new seminar on “Justification for Scanning and Diagnostics.”


The P.R.E.P. training series resumed Saturday at 10 a.m. with three options for attendees.


During “OEM Repair Methods and Advanced Technologies,” Dave Gruskos of Reliable Automotive Equipment discussed the rapid changes in OEM certification as a result of ever-advancing technologies in the industry. Anderson discussed proper estimate writing and the importance of documentation in “Write It Right, with Life Nuggets to Live By.”


At the same time, asTech’s Frank Terlep presented “Automotive Industry Disruption: Will Your Business Be a Winner?” during which he discussed the major technology disruptions in the industry and identified ways that shops can survive and thrive. Terlep began by defining a disruption as something that happens when new products and services create a new market and, in the process, significantly weaken, transform or destroy existing product categories, markets or industries.


He noted, “What the industry is going through is a true disruption in the way people do their work.

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