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Thursday, 14 March 2019 19:51

CCC Accused of Low-ball Appraisals by Source One Financial Corp, AASP/MA Responds

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"This situation reinforces my belief that the service providers are there to sell to insurance companies. I feel they create packages that are advantageous to insurers. They are their biggest customers, but at the same time, the motoring public is at a disadvantage.”


AASP/MA collision director Rob DelGallo agreed.


“It’s all sided for the insurance company; it’s as simple as that,” he said. “I’ve seen them actually put six hours to prep the car for auction deducted from the valuation in total loss jobs. We could never get six hours to clean a car.”


Matt Ciaschini, treasurer of AASP/MA, added, “I’m going to use the WBUR article as part of the total loss package we give our customers. When a customer’s vehicle is totaled, we help them with finding the true value of their vehicle while making sure they know to do their due diligence to get paid out properly. Ninety-five percent of the time when we’re dealing with customer totals, they’re getting badly low-balled. This is not just a CCC issue; this is an industry issue.”


Although CCC has not yet responded to AASP/MA’s statement, it did issue its own statement in response to the WBUR article and Source One’s allegations: “We are aware of the article and believe the allegations against CCC’s valuation product and service are without merit. We continue to stand behind the quality and supportability of our valuation product and service.”


While Parsons admits that his intentions aren’t fully altruistic because his company often has a financial interest in the outcomes of CCC’s appraisals, the matter has impacted him since his son received what he considered a low-ball payment on a total loss claim last year due to a CCC appraisal.


Parsons noted, “My company fights for the benefit of consumers to get the most money---hence, we get fully paid as well, so I'm not suggesting it's altruistic[; however,] it is personal, at this particular moment in time. But it's always been personal. I run an auto finance company and on a daily basis, I watch people's lives get affected.”


AASP/MA encourages its association members to read the complete WBUR article. For more information on AASP/MA, visit

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