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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 18:06

LIABRA's March Meeting Includes CDS Presentation Among Others

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LIABRA March2017 Meeting1
Association members listen to speakers during LIABRA and ABCG’s March 2017 Meeting.


On March 15, the Long Island Auto Body Repairmen's Association (LIABRA) and the Auto Body Craftsman's Guild (ABCG) held a joint meeting at Bayridge Lexus in Brooklyn, hosted by the Bram Auto Group and Parts Operation Director Vito Deliso.

At 7PM, ABCG Executive Director Ed Kizenberger Jr. opened the meeting by introducing Deliso, who thanked attendees for their continued support and announced that the Bram Auto Group will be opening a new Chevrolet dealership in April.


Kizenberger Jr. then proceeded with a review of industry news and current events. He stressed the importance of completing repairs according to OEM guidelines, advising that OEM position statements can be obtained from, and suggesting shops print these statements to include with their estimates.


Addressing members who are subject to an unfair claim practice, Kizenberger Jr. encouraged them to file a complaint with the New York State Department of Financial Services and to email the claim number and pertinent details to He added, "Encourage your customer to file the complaint as well. A complaint can be filed by the repair facility or the consumers, and consumer complaints are very helpful."


After reviewing new assembly bill 6617, which would require collision repair facilities to get a signed customer notice and authorization form before using any non-OEM parts on a current model year vehicle and two subsequent years thereafter, Kizenberger Jr. introduced Rich Sabatino, Executive Director for the Kaplan Lawyers Group. In business for 20 years, the Kaplan Group's primary mission is to help consumers who have been injured in auto accidents and are willing to help association shops and their customers with any automobile liability claims. For help from the Kaplan Group, visit


Next, Rosemarie Delbove, an expediter for Fire Violations Service Inc., explained that her role is to "help make sure you have the right certificates of occupancy, and you are operating legally and comply with all the agencies and regulations in your area." To acquire assistance with repair facility design plans and submission to local agencies, shops can reach Delbove at 718-545-3473 or


Collision Diagnostic Services' (CDS) Director of Business Development, Lisa Brown, then took the floor to discuss all the high-tech devices and safety systems on today's vehicles as well as the diagnostic services the company offers. Brown stated, "If these devices are damaged or need to be reset because of a collision, the vehicle must be scanned to determine what is wrong with it. Using the CDS scan tool connected to the vehicle OBD-11 port and your computer, all the vehicle information will be sent via the cloud to CDS where the vehicle will be remotely scanned and diagnosed using OEM scanning equipment and OEM trained technicians. A report will be generated and returned to the repair facility. The scan will determine if the problem came from the accident or not. If the vehicle needs repairs, the CDS technicians will assist the repair facility in the repair."


The CDS scanning tool costs $2500 with the first scan costing $119.95, and subsequent scans are available for $50 each; however, timely paid invoices receive a 25% discount. Kizenberger Jr. reminded attendees, "Virtually all OEM manufacturers are now requiring that their vehicles be scanned before and after repairs to be sure that all safety systems are in proper working order." For more information, Brown can be reached at 888-486-1166.


John Walczuk of ZB Negotiations followed with a review of the services his company offers. He said, "If your customer has a total loss, we will negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf; in many cases, we are recovering 20-30% more for the consumer than the company's first offer. We now also provide assistance with third-party claims for diminished value. Even if a vehicle is properly repaired, it may still have a diminished value." To help your customer recover any diminished value, contact Walczuk at (516) 364-0713.


The last speaker of the evening was LIABRA Executive Director Ed Kizenberger Sr., who discussed the association's current legislative initiatives. According to Kizenberger Sr., "We have introduced four new bills this year. Because of legislation we had passed last year, all insurance company estimates are now required to carry 2610 of the insurance law that tells consumers they have the right to have their car repaired in the shop of their choice."

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