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ABAC Hosts Rich Altieri for Flawless Repair Planning Workshop

Rich Altieri

Rich Altieri

On January 23, the Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC) held a Flawless Repair Planning Workshop presented by Rich Altieri, president of Autobody Management Solutions and author/instructor for "The Flawless Repair Planning System."

According to Altieri, "If you're in the auto body and collision repair business, your organization's ability to create and deliver the best quality, speed and cost performance is critical to your success."

The all-day workshop focused on four key areas needed to develop and implement a Flawless Repair Planning System: Critical to Success, Lean Collision, Flawless Repair Planning System, and Leading Change.

Altieri began by explaining that improving quality, speed, cost and profitability is critical to a shop's success. He stated, "Quality goes beyond workmanship to include quality of the customer experience, stakeholder relationships, processes and people. Speed goes beyond efficiency to include cycle time or speed of the system. Lower costs result from the elimination of system waste. In summary, this lesson delivers information and content needed to gain alignment around the compelling reasons for improving performance."

While the first topic explains why improving performance is crucial for successful shops, Lean Collision, the second concept, describes what needs to change in order to improve performance. Moving on to the Flawless Repair Planning System, Altieri described this as "a proven set of best practices enabling technicians to work more continuously on vehicles by eliminating the tremendous amount of waste in the traditional repair process." The best practices include flawless check-in, flawless disassembly, flawless mapping, flawless discovery, flawless parts procurement, and flawless quality verification.

In Leading Change, the final topic of the workshop, Altieri explained, "Every improvement requires change. Research and experience suggests up to 70% of all change efforts fail - for predictable reasons. The top five reasons improvements fail is lack of alignment, lack of training, failure to engage the people being asked to change in planning the change, lack of measurement and a lack of a pilot to learn what it takes. The Flawless Repair Planning Workshop is designed as a playbook for getting beyond theory to successfully causing and sustaining the needed changes."

After the workshop, attendees completed a feedback form, and in regard to the question "On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the highest, how would you rate the overall value of today's workshop," the majority of participants rated the program with a 10 with a couple scores of 8 bringing the average to 9.5 overall. Attendees described the workshop as engaging, interactive and informative. Tony Ferraiolo, president of ABAC, was particularly impressed with "how effectively this could work in our shop."

ABAC plans to collaborate further with Autobody Management Solutions to deliver additional training programs in 2016.

Rich Altieri founded Autobody Management Solutions in 2010 to help collision repair facilities improve processes and performance. Altieri delivers training, consulting and coaching services to collision repair businesses across North America. Altieri can be reached at 518-842-5344 or via email richaltieri@gmail.com.


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