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ABAC Welcomes Rich Altieri, David Meisterling and Superare Marketing at November Meeting

Written by
Tony Ferraiolo
Tony Ferraiolo, ABAC President
On November 17, the Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC) held their latest ongoing education and training event at Langley's Restaurant at the Great Neck Country Club in Waterford, CT. As with recent meetings, the agenda drew a large crowd, attracting over 100 association members.
Thanking everyone for their continued support, ABAC President Tony Ferraiolo credited the association's recent growth to their guest speakers, continuing education programs and new/refined business processes.
Ferraiolo introduced guests Tony Lombardozzi and Peter Abdelmaseh, co-founders of Superare Advertising and Marketing Agency, who discussed their upcoming seminar on "Running a More Profitable Body Shop." Ferraiolo noted, "Tony and Peter told us that knowing your true cost is important, and Superare can help you succeed! Watch for future seminars from their company."
Next, Ferraiolo informed everyone that the association's newly updated website, www.abaconn.org, has been launched, and he announced that the new ABAC Mobile App is in the final stage of production and should be ready for launch by early 2016.
David Meisterling from PPG Automotive followed with an informative session on aluminum. Ferraiolo stated, "David told us how to care for it during the repair process, sanding, acid dipping, corrosion resistance, care and handling, conversion coating, and much more. He covered the many steps for repairing aluminum. This is just a portion of the important technical training that you get when attending an ABAC meeting."
After a short dinner break, Ferraiolo introduced the evening's main speaker; as president of Autobody Management Solutions and the author of "Lean Collision and the Flawless Repair Planning System," Rich Altieri is a respected industry consultant and expert with over 40 years in the collision repair industry. After joining PPG Refinish in the mid-1990s, Altieri's work with the company's MVP Business Solutions Program helped provide countless opportunities to work with the industry's best, and by studying the performance of over 6,000 collision repair facilities, he and his peers at PPG were able to introduce the most comprehensive performance benchmark system in the industry, which provided an in-depth understanding of collision repair business processes, efficiencies and performances. During Altieri's tenure, the MVP team also developed a collection of business training programs that was delivered to over 10,000 industry professionals.
After the turn of the century, Altieri and the MVP team explored the benefits of Lean Production when applied to repair processes with the goal of aiding customers in improving their competitive advantage in terms of quality, speed, cost and profitability; these ventures yielded a specialized training program, the MVP Green Belt, which was delivered to more than 2,500 customers. In 2010, Altieri founded Autobody Management Solutions and continued delivering training, consulting and coaching services to collision repair businesses.
Altieri began his presentation by saying, "I want to thank Tony and the ABAC and my friends from PPG and Albert Kemperle for inviting me to be part of tonight's meeting. I'm excited to learn, share and educate more of you tonight on repair planning."
During his presentation, Altieri discussed the following topics: profitable growth and how to achieve it, organization, delivering the best performance, quality workmanship, quality of the workplace environment, quality of the customer service experience, touch time, cycle time, cost of operation, cost of repair and more.
Regarding Altieri's presentation, Ferraiolo stated, "Rich isn't your usual presenter who stands in front of you. Nope. He was all over the room getting attendees involved, getting them to ask questions, and using his skills to train and educate in a fun, enjoyable way! Rich used the screen and his personality to help everyone visualize why certain processes take so long and how to streamline them."
ABAC is grateful to the sponsors whose support allowed their meeting to be so beneficial and educational: PPG Automotive Refinish, Albert Kemperle, Enterprise Car Rental, Environmental Risk Services, Tasca Auto Group, and Festool.
In closing, Ferraiolo encouraged industry professionals, "You can't get this information anywhere else in just one night. Consider joining the ABAC, attend our meetings, and stop missing out on critical repair knowledge and informational processes. Your ABAC works for YOU!"
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