Wednesday, 25 November 2015 21:27

ABARI Holds October Training Seminar in Conjunction with P&L Consultants

ABARI has held its latest training seminar in conjunction with P+L Consultants in October. The seminar was the first large group seminar held after the historic passage of legislation mandating requirements to establish licensing for Class A and Class B auto body repair facilities.

 Under the new law, Class A facilities must be certified by at least one automobile manufacturer to repair aluminum, and must have all technicians certified according to existing state mandates, which include;

  1. Identification and analysis of damage to vehicles; '
  2. Frame measuring and straightening systems;
  3. Welding in collision repair;
  4. Structural steel repairs;
  5. Suspension, steering and alignment systems, safety restraint systems, and
  6. Corrosion protection.

The new legislation will assist ABARI in continuing its mission to protect consumers, professionalize its industry, and provide the highest quality repairs for fair and reasonable compensation.

ABARI stated in a press release, "We were excited to see businesses throughout the State gearing up to become Class A designated repair facilities by participating in the seminar led by P+L Consulting. We look forward to providing many more opportunities to educate an industry."

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