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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 21:27

ABARI Holds October Training Seminar in Conjunction with P&L Consultants

Written by ABARI PR

ABARI has held its latest training seminar in conjunction with P+L Consultants in October. The seminar was the first large group seminar held after the historic passage of legislation mandating requirements to establish licensing for Class A and Class B auto body repair facilities.

On Saturday, October 3, the Pennsylvania Automotive Recycling Trade Society (PARTS) held their 2015 Train for Success event, hosted by Dorman Products. The event featured a tour of Dorman’s facility, an industry trade show and seven educational sessions, as well as plenty of opportunities for networking.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 16:24

LIABRA Meeting on October 20

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Ed Kizenberger (left) presenting the 50/50 winnings to Juan of Portside Collision.

On September 15, the Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC) held their Quarterly Membership/Educational seminar at the Country House Restaurant, drawing over 120 collision repair industry professionals for an evening of powerful information and educational training. President Tony Ferraiolo started the evening by expressing gratitude to attendees and sponsors for their interest and continued support of the association.

On September 16, the Long Island Auto Body Repairmen's Association (LIABRA) held its 14th Annual Golf Tournament at the Baiting Hollow Country Club which features a long, open course and beautiful landscaping. The comfortable 78 degree weather created the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful day of golfing for over 100 participants.

Monday, 05 October 2015 22:06

AASP-NJ Executive Director Speaks Out on Alleged Body Shop P&M Scammer

Written by AASP/NJ PR

"When I read the article about a body shop owner scamming an insurance company on the cost of paint and materials, my blood started to boil. The more I read, the hotter I got, but not for the reasons that one might first imagine.

First, let me be perfectly clear. I have no compassion for anyone that would supply an insurance company with a fictitious invoice in order to be compensated for a part, material, paint or anything else that he does not deserve to be paid for, nor do I condone this type of illegal activity. If this is truly what this party actually did, then he should suffer the consequences.

Monday, 05 October 2015 22:02

ASA-CT Opens 2015-16 Meeting Season

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In September, ASA-CT reconvened after summer break to begin their 2015-16 meeting season for both their collision and mechanical divisions. Formerly known as the Connecticut Collision Repair Specialists, the association became an ASA affiliate earlier this year. Lisa Siembab, Executive Director for ASA-CT, says that both meetings enjoyed a great turnout.

In September 2015, the Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC) addressed the State Tax Panel in reference to House Bill 5655, "An Act Concerning the Taxation of Paint Used in Motor Vehicle Repair." Presenting testimony, the association expressed their support of the bill's intent, advocating for reform because they feel collision repairers have been unfairly penalized by an interpretation of the law which allows paint and materials to be subject to double taxation.

"The Auto Body Association of Connecticut is deeply disappointed with the recent Supreme Court decision in Artie’s Auto Body et al v. The Hartford. The decision marks a step backward for consumer safety, quality of repairs, and for the rights of independently operated auto repair shops. The decision may also have the unintended consequence of affording greater insurer interference in the repair process, which has historically resulted in demands for faster and cheaper repairs, often at the expense of quality and safety.

On Wednesday, June 17, the Automotive Service Association of Connecticut (ASA-CT) held their 5th Annual Golf Tournament at the Lyman Orchards Golf Club in Middlefield, CT. Almost 100 attendees enjoyed 18 rounds of golf, as well as lunch and dinner, with $5000 of the proceeds benefitting the CT Make A Wish Foundation.