Monday, 27 February 2012 19:10

Mitchell Announces Claims Triage

Mitchell has announced the immediate availability of Claims Triage, a technology solution created specifically to streamline resource allocation decision-making for physical damage claims. Claims Triage allows insurance carriers to determine the most efficient resource for an assignment at First Notice of Loss (FNOL), thereby improving customer satisfaction by accelerating claims settlement.


"Mitchell is continuously striving to improve the insurance claims experience with the most innovative solutions, driven by our data-centric approach to high performance claims management," said Paul Rosenstein, Vice President for Mitchell. "Claims Triage is another compelling example of our commitment to serving the unique property claims needs of our insurance clients."


Claims Triage eliminates assignment guesswork by defining questions and criteria around the status of the vehicle. This permits claims representatives to consistently route the assignment to the best resource for timely and accurate completion. WorkCenter simplifies the process of configuring the questions by providing a user interface that permits any authorized insurance user to update or change the questionnaire within minutes-eliminating the manual changes that are typically required when handling FNOL within a claims management system.


Claims Triage is fully integrated within Mitchell WorkCenter™, an open, modular, and end-to-end physical damage claims settlement solution that powers all of an insurer's physical damage claims processing needs including dispatch, appraisal, total loss, repair management, review and customer satisfaction reporting.

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