Monday, 25 July 2011 14:40

Allstate Announces ‘Process Changes’ Designed to Improve Network Cycle Time

Back on July 11, Allstate Insurance Company announced to its DRP participants that shops will be required to honor completion dates or assume all related costs, expedite estimate and upload completion times, and extend their hours of operation, when necessary, for the convenience of Allstate customers.

Now Allstate’s customer service initiative for 2011 has been expanded. The new program requirements were introduced to shops in a series of cycle time web conferences held recently. Those unable to view the web conferences are encouraged by the company to contact their local performance managers.

Allstate is making “several key process changes” within its Good Hands Repair Network that the company says are designed to positively impact customer service and cycle time. The announcement comes in the form of a video released by the company featuring Tracy Tramm, Allstate Claim Service Manager for the Good Hands® Repair Network.

In the video directed at the DRP shops, Tramm says “As you know, reducing auto cycle time is a key component in improving customer satisfaction for Allstate and your facility... as you continue to deliver priority service to our mutual customers.

“It goes without saying, that the quicker you reach out to the customer, the sooner they know, they’re in our good hands. I also want to remind you of four key messages and process changes to the network program in early 2011.

“Compliance with these items remains a core requirement for your participation in Allstate’s direct repair program.

“First and foremost, your shop will give priority service to Allstate customers having their vehicles repaired by you.  Estimates must be completed and uploaded within 24 hours of your receipt of the vehicle. Third, your facility will be required to commit to a guaranteed completion date for all vehicles repaired under the Network program. Your shop will be responsible for any and all costs caused by a failure to meet the guaranteed completion date.

And finally, at the customer’s reasonable request, your shop will provide extended hours of operation. Contact your local performance manager to answer questions. You are why it works. Thank you.”

The video can be viewed at www.autobodynews.com by searching this story under the “Insurer Actions and Announcements” section.