Tuesday, 03 May 2011 21:55

Nationwide Insurance Offers Key Insurance Information for Policyholders Affected by Tornadoes

Nationwide Insurance claims representatives continue to assist customers in Alabama in response to tornadoes that affected the state last week. Policyholders with storm damage should call the Nationwide claims hotline at 1-800-421-3535.

Nationwide has received more than 1,500 claims in Alabama since April 27, in varying degrees of severity.

As policyholders are able to access their homes and neighborhoods after the storms, homeowners can do several things to protect their property:

  • Make temporary repairs safely to prevent further interior damage or loss. Holes in roofs and broken windows should be covered with plastic or plywood and the property should be secured to prevent theft or vandalism
  • Create an itemized list of the home’s damaged or destroyed contents. Retain damaged items to allow for proper evaluation.

Policyholders should also know:

  • Homeowners insurance generally provides protection against the most common perils, including fire, theft, wind and liability.
  • For auto insurance, a comprehensive policy generally provides for losses due to a catastrophic storm, including rain, hail and wind.
  • Personal possessions within a car are not covered by an auto policy. A homeowners or renters policy typically provides coverage for personal property.
  • Although our policyholders are free to choose any contractor or body shop they wish, Nationwide claims representatives and agents are great sources of information when a policyholder is selecting a contractor to make repairs to a home or an auto body shop to have their vehicle repaired.

The Nationwide Catastrophe Team, a group of experienced professionals who understand the complex claims that happen in a catastrophe, are on the ground, getting to customers as quickly as possible. This team will work 12-hour-days, seven days-a-week until all policyholders’ needs have been addressed.