Wednesday, 02 December 2009 08:22

The Hartford to Appeal Shop Judgement

A landmark 6-year-old class action lawsuit which awarded $15 million to Connecticut auto body repair shops concluded the Hartford Insurance Company was paying unfair  labor rates. The lawsuit may now be heading to the Connecticut appellate court.

The Auto Body Association of Connecticut charged that the insurance company violated state laws by using its own insurance appraisers to control body shop labor rates and costs. Connecticut state law requires that insurance claims be appraised by independent parties as well as insurance agencies to ensure fair charges and fair business practices.

"This is just one more step in a long road against the Hartford and other insurance companies that seemingly disregard both regulations and consumers' best interests," said ABAC president Bob Skrip. "It is a positive development for consumers and body shops statewide, but it remains a long process. We are more confident than ever that we will ultimately prevail."

The Hartford Insurance Company is seeking to appeal the decision, claiming that their practices provide superior service to their customers and do not violate state law.