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Monday, 02 December 2019 15:53

Jason Soto of MobileSoft Discusses New Smartphone Consumer During ASA’s Webinar Wednesday

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On Wednesday, Nov. 20, ASA hosted its monthly Webinar Wednesday featuring Jason Soto of MobileSoft Technology who discussed “The New Smartphone Consumer.”

Acknowledging that there were over 257 million smartphone users in the U.S. as of 2018, Soto pointed out that this technology has changed our lives forever and focused on how business owners can capitalize on this movement. Leona Dalavai Scott, marketing and communications consultant for ASA, welcomed attendees and introduced the webinar’s guest speaker.


Soto began his presentation by praising attendees for taking the time to learn more, identifying the desire to learn as a quality of leadership and a factor that contributes to success. He then noted, “The smartphone has changed our lives, and it’s changed the way we do business as well.”


MobileSoft boasts over 300,000 live active applications on 144 million devices, and the average smartphone consumers uses an average of 30 to 40 apps per day. “Baby boomers are using apps more and more, and 86% of users are getting their content from mobile apps installed on their phone instead of browsers,” Soto pointed out. “Today’s consumers want easy steps, and they like apps because they can collect information, schedule an appointment and more in one place. Customers can even include photos and an engine noise recording directly from the app when they schedule an appointment.”


In addition to the benefit of allowing scheduling, mobile apps allow businesses to share coupons, send messages and more. “Consumers want exclusivity, such as in-app only coupons and loyalty rewards, and location-based messaging can be a huge draw for businesses; consumer interaction rates are 96% when seeing an in-app notification,” Soto said. “Apps provide new revenue funnels and operational efficiency.”


Push notifications generate an average of three to 12 new appointments, and offering in-app loyalty cards provides customers with a reason to download the app onto their phone. “Shop owners already have their own marketing methods, but apps allow those methods to be customized,” Soto pointed out. “Your logo comes across their phone and commands their attention, and that translates into revenue.”

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