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PPG’s Booth Unleashes Creativity at SEMA 2019

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L to R: Allysa Rose, Mark Worman and Will Scott of Graveyard Carz were signing and posing for photos at this year’s PPG booth at SEMA 2019. L to R: Allysa Rose, Mark Worman and Will Scott of Graveyard Carz were signing and posing for photos at this year’s PPG booth at SEMA 2019. Ed Attanasio


At the SEMA Show every year, people can’t wait to see PPG’s booth as the anticipation builds.

What will the theme be? What vehicles will be on display, and which celebrities will make appearances? The given is that PPG’s one-of-a-kind booth will feature custom vehicles, distinctive artwork pieces, advanced automotive refinish products, celebrity meet-and-greet sessions and a few surprises along the way.


This year’s theme was “Creativity Unleashed” to honor great painters that use PPG to produce eye-catching art with that coveted “wow factor.” When you entered PPG’s booth, the first thing you noticed was a 30 foot faux brickyard wall covered with pop art from top to bottom with a mannequin that looked like a tagger posing atop. The main focal point of the display was a collection of artwork displaying the artistry and craftsmanship of more than 30 of the custom car world’s top artists.


Cristina Fronzaglia-Murray, director of marketing communications at PPG, admitted that her company’s booth is always a priority every year and a fun project to work on. “Each year, we like to raise the bar in our challenges to our painters,” she said. “This time, our goal was to unleash their inner potential by inviting them to show what they always wanted to do with color and take their creativity to an entirely new level. What they come back with is always amazing and more than what we ask for! We have some of the most talented and creative masterminds using our products, and this year, they do not disappoint!”


Mark Worman, one of the stars of the reality show “Graveyard Carz” where they perform over-the-top Mopar muscle-car restorations, loves meeting his fans at SEMA. “Some people just want to say hello, while others have specific questions about some of our builds. They want a glimpse at what goes into the making of the show, and I always tell them that “Graveyard Carz” is 100% real. It’s such an honor for a great company like PPG to invite us to be here because it means they respect our work and our show.”

While some large companies shy away from pulling out all the stops at SEMA, PPG zigs, while many others zag and the results are always highly favorable, Fronzaglia-Murray said. “SEMA is one of the best events out there where we can connect with the people who use our products every day,” she said. “We enjoy the entire process of ‘talking paint’ with these top painters and find out what we can do in order to help them achieve outstanding colors and finishes. This year, we deciced to invite all painters to join in the fun and excitement of what you can do with PPG paint and enabling others to share their inspiration with us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #ppgunleashed.


A pair of Impalas and a Cadillac painted in lowrider style also stole the show this year in the PPG booth at SEMA. “Paul Stoll and Frank Ramos did a tremendous job with this amazing red Cadillac, as well as Richie Valles with his lowrider Impala. And we can't forget Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan with his Impala all done in a bright white but with Pete Finlan touches all over the vehicle.”


It was a who’s who of top name car painters this year, including Tom and Mitch Kelly of Kelly & Son Crazy Painters; Bob Tasca of Tasca Racing; Charley Hutton of Charley Hutton’s Color Studio; Kenny Youngblood of Youngblood Art/Motorsport Gallery; Allysa Rose, Mark Worman and Will Scott of “Graveyard Carz;” Bobby Alloway of Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop.