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3M Showcases New and Existing Products During SEMA Show

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Back row L to R: Shawn Collins and Dan Wittek. Front row L to R: Ian Shaw and Rob Blue. Back row L to R: Shawn Collins and Dan Wittek. Front row L to R: Ian Shaw and Rob Blue. Stacey Phillips


More than a century ago, 3M was established in Minnesota as a small-scale mining venture called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

Fast forward to 2019, and the company now operates in 70 countries and creates products and technology for a wide variety of industries.


"At 3M, we use science to improve lives and help solve the world’s toughest challenges,” said Mike Roman, chairman and CEO of 3M. 


During the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, attendees had an opportunity to see new and existing 3M products in two different booths.


Autobody News sat down and talked to Dan Wittek, 3M application engineering manager, and Ricky Miller, 3M senior technical service engineer, about some of the products on display. The following is a summary of the highlights.


Accuspray™ and PPS™ Series 2.0 Kits and Accessories

This family of products includes the PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System, PPS™ Series 2.0 starter and refill kits, and the Accuspray™ spray gun and paint cup kit. 3M created the PPS™ disposable paint cup system almost 20 years ago. The goal was to improve efficiency, reduce waste and speed up the prep and cleanup portions of painting. About a year ago, the company introduced the PPS™ Series 2.0 spray cup system to the market with an improved design for an easier painting process. “There is a more solid fixturing to the spray gun so it’s more robust,” explained Wittek. “There is also more filter area, so you get a faster, smoother flow of paint.” In addition, Wittek said the locking mechanism for the collar is integrated into the lid, which is a feature that painters appreciate.


Precision Poly Tape

Launched in July 2019, 3M™ Precision Poly Tape is the first advancement in general masking tape since the company originally invented it in 1924. Miller said the product features a polyethylene film that is low-profile, durable, waterproof, highly conformable and hand-tearable. It was designed to reduce slivering and leave a professional edge without the need for razor blades or other tools. When used, the backing conforms and stretches around curves and has indicator lines that show when it is stretched too far, according to Miller.

In addition, it can be left on for up to seven days without adhesive transfer, slivering, ghosting or tape tracking.


Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System

Introduced at the same time as Precision Poly Tape, the Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System was designed to eliminate the need for a rubbing compound. Traditionally, Wittek said repairers used a heavy buffer and applied two to three applications of rubbing compound and then additional polishing. 3M’s new system allows for a more efficient process utilizing specialized abrasive discs. When used with the 3M™ Hookit Purple Finishing Film 260L Discs and 3M™ Trizact™ 3000 and 8000 Grade Hookit Foam Abrasive Discs, Wittek said the system produces a deeper shine and flawless finish. “The Trizact™ abrasives are very forgiving and can allow somebody who is more novice to have the opportunity to produce really reliable, consistent results,” said Wittek.


Cavity Wax Plus


Cavity Wax Plus provides corrosion protection for internal body panels, frame rails and structural enclosures. The system consists of a convenient aerosol spray can to eliminate the need for bulk spray equipment as well as three application wands in different lengths for harder-to-reach access. Wittek said OEMs recommend applying internal anti-corrosion material, including cavity wax, during a repair. “With the way our industry is changing, and the importance of following OEM repair procedures and making certain a repair is done correctly, it’s important that it lasts,” he said.


CubitronTM II Abrasives

3M recently added 400+ grade discs and sheet rolls to its family of Cubitron™ II Abrasives. Wittek said the new 400+ grit offers a very fine, high-quality finish for paint preparation jobs like featheredging body filler, smoothing primer and sanding OEM e-coat. “It can cut through material 30 percent faster and lasts twice as long as traditional abrasives,” said Wittek. In addition, it takes less time to sand, which improves overall productivity.


Miller shared information about additional 3M products on display during the show including 3M™ Blue Abrasive with a ceramic mineral blend; a high-power, VOC-compliant brake cleaner; a Headlight Restoration Kit; as well as an Auto Water Pump & Timing Cover Repair Kit with a threadlocker and an Auto Oil Pan & Valve Cover Repair Kit. 3M has also introduced additional configurations and sizes of its Blue Abrasives family, which are available in the Hookit™ (hook and loop) and Stikit™ (adhesive backed) attachment systems.


“In addition to selling innovative products, we are doing everything we can to be an educational resource for body shops,” said Wittek. “Our goal at 3M and the automotive aftermarket division is to sell processes to make our customers more efficient in their work.”


Some of the educational resources offered by the company include 3M Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a YouTube channel, and the 3M Collision Repair Academy. For more information, visit www.3m.com.