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ASA’s July Webinar Wednesday Addresses Free Ways to Bring in Customers

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On July 24, the Automotive Service Association (ASA) held its monthly Webinar Wednesday featuring Elite Worldwide’s Bob Cooper who discussed “Four Easy, Cost-Free Ways to Bring in More New Customers.”

After being introduced by ASA Vice President Tony Molla, Cooper explained that Elite is “a company that lives by the principle of never putting money before people. We help shop owners build more successful businesses and reach their goals while having a positive impact on their employees, their customers and their communities.”


“First things first,” Cooper continued, “My goal is to show you how easy it is to bring in more customers.”


Noting that many in the industry are struggling with a shortage of technicians, Cooper said, “I believe it’s a blessing because scarcity creates great opportunities; however, finding great talent is easy. It’s keeping them that is the challenge, just like customers. Today, you’re going to learn how to keep clients because customer retention is an important component to the success of your business.”


Creating a business where customers are thrilled and want to return—especially because of you and your team—begins with possessing the right mindset. First, the shop owner must have a dream and a vision, and Cooper encouraged, “Dream really big about your business!”


Next, it’s necessary to have a purpose-driven company and a plan as well as a mission statement which Cooper defined as “what you’re going to do along the journey.”


Discussing the importance of guiding principles being established, Cooper shared Elite’s ten guiding principles, stating, “I encourage you to create yours and share them with your team.” The final step of having the right mindset is to have an understanding of your responsibilities as a business owner.


Cooper continued to introduce four methods for attracting more new customers. The first method, “Identify your existing songbirds,” involves finding out who has referred each first-time customer and expressing gratitude for the referral. “Asking who referred them gives you a lot of information and decreases the customer’s anxiety, plus it sends a strong message that you get a lot of referrals,” Cooper said.

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