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ASA Presents 'Stop Reacting and Start Succeeding' Webinar

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ASA hosted its monthly Webinar Wednesday, featuring “Stop Reacting and Start Succeeding” with Rick White of 180 BIZ Solutions. ASA hosted its monthly Webinar Wednesday, featuring “Stop Reacting and Start Succeeding” with Rick White of 180 BIZ Solutions. Chasidy Rae Sisk


On May 15, the Automotive Service Association (ASA) hosted its monthly Webinar Wednesday, featuring “Stop Reacting and Start Succeeding” with Rick White of 180 BIZ Solutions.

White encouraged attendees to identify their management style, look at how it impacts overall performance and recognize modified steps to get the most out of their teams. Tony Molla, ASA vice president, welcomed attendees and explained how they can earn AMi credits. Then, Molla introduced White.


White began by explaining that most shop owners constantly function in “react mode.”


“There’s no growth; no plan. It’s just survival, and there’s pain because you realize there’s more on the table, but you don’t know how to grasp it or believe you’re capable of achieving it,” said White. “My goal is to help you move closer to achieving your dream.”


The goals of the seminar included: learning how to get more done in fewer hours, understanding how to modify your behavior to get results and how to feel like a winner when you go home every day. Keeping these goals in mind, White identified two typical management styles: the bad and the ugly. The bad management style entails telling people what to do, when to do it and how to do it. However, by managing activities, you feel like a babysitter and your employees feel micromanaged and disconnected. In the ugly style, the manager pushes the employee out of the way and does the task themselves; this tells the employee that you don’t believe in them and causes them to resent you.


Rather than managing through emotion or reacting to circumstances, White encouraged attendees to focus on training their teams and helping them become proficient in those tasks.


“Until you’re super clear on what you want, your team is going to spend their time trying to figure out what to do,” said White. “It’s easy to get so focused on what you’re doing that you forget why you’re doing it. You fixate on a broken process and nothing gets better.”

White defined activity as the action you’re taking. Results are the consequence of actions and the outcome is the final product, which he referred to as “results with a conscience.”


“Activities are there to get a result that leads you to the outcome. Outcomes are a bigger way of thinking about things,” he added. “Unintentional outcomes miss the mark of what you really want. You need to manage your outcomes with intention; otherwise, every day seems the same.”


White went on to explore the differences between reacting and responding. Reacting is all about you and causes the employee to shut down. Responding focuses on educating them and building them up as well, he explained.


He told attendees to spend a moment at the end of each day to evaluate what went well and what could have been better. This way, attendees can come up with a plan with three action items to make the next day better, “and you’ll go home feeling like a million bucks because you know you’re going to make a difference tomorrow,” he said.


Concluding his presentation, White shared, “Consciously managing outcomes will allow you to manage with your head and heart. You’ll be proactive instead of reactive. Train your staff so they could work anywhere, but treat them in a way that they’ll never want to leave.”


ASA’s next webinar will be held on June 19 with Bobby Bassett, North America national training manager for Gates Corporation, who will present “Belt Slip, the Gift that Keeps on Gifting.”


For more information or to register, visit asashop.org/webinars.

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