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WIN Navigates Tomorrow Together at 2019 Educational Conference

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The Women’s Industry Network (WIN) gathered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, on May 6 through May 8 for its 2019 Educational Conference.

A record-breaking number of 214 attendees navigated Tomorrow Together in honor of this year’s theme, led by outgoing chair, Michelle Sullivan, incoming chair, Cheryl Boswell, and event emcee, Liz Stein.


During Richard Flint’s “Navigating the Channels of Life and Business,” attendees were encouraged to be better, smarter and stronger. Flint shared, “Navigating is all about direction. It’s about a mindset and adapting. Most people don’t have a purpose, and without a purpose, you don’t have a direction. Without a direction, you don’t have a journey.”


Jessica Eckstrom, founder of Headbands of Hope, spoke on how optimism creates a better reality in “Making Our Internal Dialogue Our Biggest Cheerleader.” She said, “Everyone who has ever done something great had to believe they could be the one to do it. Everyone had to start somewhere. Why not here and why not you? Success doesn’t mean you have it all figured out, but it means you’re confident you’ll get there.”


As she shared her challenges and triumphs, Eckstrom insisted, “We don’t fail because of a lack of resources; we fail due to a lack of resourcefulness. There will always be another way if you believe in it and want it badly enough. Failures aren’t reflections of worth; they’re reflections of growth, and failure will always feel better than regret. Achievements aren’t our final destination and they don’t measure success, because success is not what it looks like to others—it’s what it feels like to you!”


Debbie Day, general manager of Auto Physical Damage (APD) business unit at Mitchell International, gazed toward tomorrow with an industry update on the challenges of connected cars, OE repair procedures and artificial intelligence. “This industry is different than it’s ever been,” she pointed out. “The women in this industry have the talents and skills that are desperately needed to face and overcome these challenges.”

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