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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 21:01

ASA Webinar Wednesday Presents 'An Update on EPA Section 609 Certification'

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Cappert also explained that the Section 609 credential is tied to a person, not a company. Recordkeeping must keep track to ensure that a person with the credential is employed by the company and that all technicians servicing MVACs have the 609 credential.


He elaborated, “If you have the Section 609 credential, you may only purchase refrigerants approved for use in MVACs. Purchase of stationary air conditioning refrigerants is not allowed. Section 608 credentials only allow refrigerant purchase for those systems.”


While students generally don’t need the Section 609 credential, apprenticeship scenarios can muddy those waters, and Cappert recommends students obtain it since it’s something they can carry forward and will always need. He also clarified that ASE HVAC certifications do not meet the Section 609 credential requirement.


Although recertification is not currently required, Section 609 regulations provides the potential for recertification at a later date. Cappert acknowledged that there is some discussion surrounding the possibility of requiring a recertification given the amount of technological changes that have occurred since 1992.


Cappert spent a few moments talking about the SNAP program, the fate of R-134a, which is going through a phase down period, and the increase in production of R-1234yf. He briefly mentioned how R-744 is being used on limited Mercedes-Benz models in Europe before offering his time to answer attendees’ questions.


ASA’s next Webinar Wednesday will be held on May 15 and will feature Rick White of 180 BIZ Solutions, who will present “Stop Reacting and Start Succeeding.”


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