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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 21:01

ASA Webinar Wednesday Presents 'An Update on EPA Section 609 Certification'

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On April 24, the Automotive Service Association (ASA) hosted a Webinar Wednesday, the second of the month, featuring a presentation titled “An Update on EPA Section 609 Certification” by Dave Cappert of ASE.


ASA Vice President Tony Molla said, “Anyone doing A/C work that involves handling or charging refrigerant into the system must have their EPA Section 609 certification or could face a fine! Dave Cappert, technical expert responsible for the ASE Section 609 certification, will offer training, tips and advice on preparing for the certification test, along with comments on the latest information from the 2019 MACS convention.”


Noting that there have been a lot of changes since the EPA requirements were first passed, Cappert began by reading an excerpt from the final 609 ruling, passed on July 14, 1992.


“There are three parts to section 609,” Cappert explained. “There’s the requirement for the technician to obtain the credential from an EPA-approved provider and be able to provide it on demand, a need for EPA-approved equipment, and a sales restriction put in place on Class I and Class II substances. That sales part is getting more attention recently. A little-known fact is that the EPA reserves the right to request a demonstration proving you can perform the proper procedures.”


Cappert talked a bit about the different vehicles covered under Section 609 versus the ones to which Section 608 applies, noting that 608 is a much more stringent program. He then explained that SAE has developed a MAC manufacturer database where equipment can be listed after completing the necessary information. The database is found at https://macdb.sae.org


ASE offers its Section 609 program via paper and web-based training for $19. The online version provides instant results with the permanent certificate being mailed within 60 days.


“The EPA doesn’t require recertification, but if it’s been a long time since you took it, you need to realize there’s been a lot of change. If you’re a professional, you might want to be fair to yourself and take the newer program. At the very least, download the free book from the website and look at the newer stuff that’s going on,” Cappert encouraged.

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