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ASA’s 'Washington Watch' Webinar Features Industry Association Leaders

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“Also, we were missing effective data until the University of Texas issued their report last year. Opponents of the programs have often said there was no good data to prove that the safety inspections save lives, but that’s because when there’s an accident, the first priority is getting the vehicle off the road so traffic can move. Public safety officials aren’t trained to look at the causes of these accidents. States aren’t required to report traffic accidents into the federal database unless there’s a fatality involved, so a lot of good data goes unreported, leaving policymakers to believe the inspection programs are ineffective. We need to do a better job of educating elected officials with good data that demonstrates why these programs are effective.”


Redding, Tucker and Littlefield discussed the need to get more people involved.


Littlefield suggested, “Maybe it’s time to reunite and try to make a run for it at the federal level. If we can change some minds in Washington, maybe we can work from the top down.”


Tucker added, “Safety is the one thing that brings us all together.”


The webinar concluded with a Q and A session, during which Schulenburg noted, “It’s important for the industry, regardless of the issue, to have collaboration. Consumers and the industry deserve a concerted effort to fix these problems.”


On April 17, ASA will host its next Webinar Wednesday, titled “Increase Sales and Your Customer Value Proposition with Financing” and presented by Scott Schwalm, assistant vice president, relationship management for Synchrony Car Care.


On April 24, ASE campus administrator Dave Capper will present “609 Certification” for technicians.


ASA’s May 15th webinar, “Stop Reacting and Start Succeeding,” is intended for shop management and will be presented by Rick White of 180 Biz Solutions.


For more information on ASA, visit asashop.org.

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