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Women in Automotive & Collision Holds Feb. Meeting at North County Tech

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 Jason Buchheit, collision instructor, presents to WAC members during their Feb. 19 meeting at North County Tech. Jason Buchheit, collision instructor, presents to WAC members during their Feb. 19 meeting at North County Tech.


Women in Automotive and Collision (WAC) held its first lunch meeting on Feb.19 at North County Technical High School in Florissant, MO. The school’s collision instructor, Jason Buchheit, hosted the meeting.


According to WAC President Shelly Jones, “The attendance was good for our first lunch meeting, so we will alternate lunch and dinner meetings every other month this year.


“Mr. Buchheit shared information about the school's transportation program, which includes automotive and collision programs. In attendance were WAC members, North Tech Principal Wallace, eight students from Mr. Buchheit's senior class and representatives of companies that sponsor the group. That's a perfect mix of industry collaborating with students and educators. It will take a group effort to get the word out.”


WAC members discussed the group’s initiatives for 2019 and announced they will close their Facebook group to focus on their Facebook page: Facebook.com/WACstl.


Sponsorship is another important initiative for 2019. WAC Secretary Kelle Oeste has begun announcing the association’s new sponsors on the Facebook page to thank them and introduce them to WAC’s followers. WAC Vice President Jess Crump has been adding sponsors to the new website.


Jones shared, “We have included a corporate membership with most sponsorship levels. A corporate membership allows one person from a sponsoring company to participate in meetings and events. This membership follows the company and not the individual. Individual membership follows the person and is $50.”


WAC’s primary focus is “to engage young people with an interactive booth at job fairs and other events,” Jones explained. “We will also continue to look for opportunities to speak with parents and educators.”


On Feb. 22, Jones and WAC Treasurer Julie Hemann presented to educators at St. Louis Community College during a panel on recruiting women into nontraditional occupations. The panel took place at the Shaping the Talent of Tomorrow conference, hosted by the St. Louis School – Business Partnership.

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