Thursday, 28 February 2019 08:56

Customer Research, Inc. Renews Commitment to CIECA Standards


Customer Research, Inc. (CRI) recently renewed its commitment to CIECA and the CIECA standards. CRI was founded in 1967 and is based in Seattle, WA.


The company has 55 employees and provides several industries internationally with leading multi-channel CSI (Customer Satisfaction Indexing) measurement, customer loyalty, marketing and reputation solutions.

“Collision center clients gain increased customer traffic through an enhanced reputation,” said Dusty Dunkle, owner and president of CRI, who has been active in the company for 27 years. “At the same time, CSI services result in elevated customer loyalty as well as improved employee performance and processes.”

Dunkle said CIECA has been a household name to CRI, and the company has been a member for many years.

“CIECA has created a platform to better CSI services to the industry and has allowed CRI to contribute to this platform by participating in the CIECA CSI Committee for many years,” said Dunkle. “CIECA has helped standardize processes that have provided efficiencies to a large number of businesses, and CRI is happy to be part of that.”

For more information about CRI, visit www.CustomerResearch.com.


For more information about CIECA, visit www.cieca.com.