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ASA Washington D.C. Rep. Bob Redding Delivers Legislative Update

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On Feb. 6, ASA’s Washington D.C. representative, Bob Redding, delivered a legislative update two blocks from the U.S. Capitol to discuss national and state legislation relevant to the automotive industry.


Referencing the previous evening’s State of the Union address, Redding mentioned that transportation infrastructure is a big issue.


Beginning at the federal level, Redding noted that the SELF DRIVE Act passed last year, which addresses new vehicle technology, autonomous vehicles and how states and the federal government should interact regarding the regulation of these vehicles. He noted that the bill “passed overwhelmingly” in the House and the Senate Commerce Committee; however, an amendment to address cyber security and data access issues was attached, and the bill never reached the Senate floor.


Pointing out that the 2018 election flipped the House from Republican to Democrat, Redding stressed that priorities change and require a new beginning.


“ASA is pleased with the data access amendment and supports it, but we have to start all over now,” he said. “We’re looking for federal legislation regarding autonomous vehicles soon, and we’ll work to ensure data access and cyber security are addressed.”


Redding stressed the importance of being at the table for legislative conversations.


“ASA’s goal is to be part of the process, to learn and share with members and leadership, and to be sure we’re at the table when a lot of decisions are made. If you’re not at the table, you’re very likely to be on the menu,” he said.


Redding moved on to the variety of bills for the 2019 state sessions, beginning with Missouri.


He noted that Missouri has one of the premiere vehicle safety inspection programs in the nation.


“In fact, ASA has used it as a template we’d like to see other states follow,” he said. “Almost every year, the Missouri Vehicle Safety Program is attacked in the state legislature. Last year, it was in the form of House Bill 1444, which we fought, but it has been reintroduced as House Bill 451. ASA is opposed to this legislation, and we need to stop it.”

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