Friday, 08 February 2019 08:37

Accountable Estimating Joins CIECA as Corporate Member


Accountable Estimating recently joined CIECA as a Corporate Member.


Established in 2018 by Kent Ruppert and Scott Ellegood, the company focuses on training individuals involved in the estimating and repair planning process, including estimators, blueprinters, CSRs and their management.


“Our goal is to ensure that all vehicles are repaired to the safety and functionality the OEM intended,” said Ellegood.


In 2019, Accountable Estimating plans to launch a software solution to provide real-time feedback and training for estimators, as well as auditing tools for shop management to manage the entire estimating staff. The company is also developing an Estimator Technician™ certification that can be earned by attending on-demand courses accredited through AMi.


Members of Accountable Estimating’s leadership team have followed CIECA from its inception.


“CIECA standards allow our customers to share their data with us in real-time so that we may offer solutions to their problems as they need them,” said Ruppert. “This allows our customers to use their information more effectively and make decisions that grow their businesses.”


“CIECA’s standards are the gold standard of electronic commerce in the collision industry and offer us the ability to provide meaningful solutions to our industry,” said Ellegood. “With the help of CIECA, Accountable Estimating will guide the collision industry in taking control of their estimating process.”

For more information, visit https://www.accountableestimating.com/.