Thursday, 03 January 2019 22:49

ASA Hosts RepairPal’s Jill Trotta for Webinar on Transparency and Trust

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An alarming trend Trotta noted is that 63 percent of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency, but automotive repair is one of the single biggest necessary expenses for today’s consumer and can throw their budget into a tailspin. This is why consumers are so often focused on price.


According to Trotta, “Shop ads and websites that focus on price deliver 6--7 times better results than those that don’t. Some phrases that pay include: “straightforward and transparent pricing”; “upfront pricing”; “We never overcharge”; and “Happy to provide a good estimate.”


“When you ask people if they want price or quality, they want quality, but they ask about price because they have no idea what else to ask. Unfortunately, explaining that a shop performs proper repairs doesn’t attract traffic to the website; you need to talk about pricing. At our core, RepairPal is focused on quality repairs and safe repairs for consumers, but the shops in our network have a proven track record that they are focused on the same. RepairPal is really focused on pricing in order to attract traffic to the website.”


Explaining how to create a transparent experience for customers, Trotta said, “If a customer leaves the shop confused about what they experienced or unsure if they received high-quailty work or a fair deal, they are unlikely to return.


“Do these three things: 1. Many shops focus so much on the initial conversion that they forget to check in with the consumer as they are leaving the shop. 2. Making sure the consumer is fully satisfied confirms understanding of what was done, why it was done and what any next steps might be. 3. Small gestures like leaving the car clean and tidy make a big difference.”


Transparent customer communication should follow three steps: receive complaint and perform diagnosis, determine the cause and recommend the corrections.


“Breaking out items in a way that the consumer can understand exactly what they’re paying for is important,” Trotta stressed.

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