Thursday, 27 December 2018 21:28

AutoInc. Is Going ‘Fully Digital’ in January

Beginning Jan. 2, AutoInc. magazine is going fully digital.


The official publication of the Automotive Service Association will no longer have a print edition.


ASA leaders made the decision after weighing many factors.


“We are both excited and saddened,” said Beth Risch, ASA’s interim chief operating officer. “We are excited that we will be able to continue to provide online the outstanding content AutoInc. magazine has provided for the last 67 years in print.


“However, the decision to go ‘strictly digital’ for AutoInc. was a difficult one for ASA officers and the board of directors. Print publications bring another informational experience to the reader, and both channels have their advantages; however, the print costs for a nonprofit association just didn’t make financial sense anymore.”


Risch said the expense of publishing and shipping a print magazine isn’t the best use of association resources, and digital offerings are more popular now for good reason: access, timeliness and engagement.


Risch and other ASA leaders---including Leona Dalavai Scott, ASA’s director of marketing and communications---are excited about the opportunities online.


“Through a digital, online format, AutoInc. can still continue its mission to provide informative, compelling content to ASA members and the industry as a whole in a more affordable manner,” Dalavai Scott said.


Dalavai Scott said ASA plans to build on its strong history of covering the association’s member-shops and the issues that affect them, along with industry trends, technical content and hearing from members directly through new blogs.


“We will no longer be limited to a monthly or bimonthly frequency,” Dalavai Scott said. “Opening the digital door makes it possible for us to update content on a more frequent, almost daily basis.”


ASA leaders say AutoInc.org is receiving a much-needed redesign and update, which will be unveiled in January. The redesign will give ASA modern-day tools to “showcase our members, our news and our content.” In addition, the organization recently hired new advertising sales representation, M.J. Mrvica Associates Inc., based in Berlin, NJ, to represent the publication with plans to focus on growing its non-dues revenue in 2019 through advertising sales.


Massachusetts-based GTxcel is designing AutoInc.’s new, much-improved website.


“GTxcel is proud to be partnering with ASA on the digital future of AutoInc.,” said Jim Clarke, GTxcel’s director of sales. “Content creators face real challenges in today’s market as they react to the ever-changing landscape of how readers consume content.


“With a sound digital strategy and the ability to deliver timely content to an engaged audience, AutoInc. will be well-positioned to meet the demands of their readers across all screen sizes and platforms.”