Wednesday, 12 December 2018 00:21

Agero Renews Commitment to CIECA Standards


Agero, a member company of The Cross Country Group and a CIECA corporate member, recently renewed its commitment to CIECA and the CIECA standards.


With headquarters in Massachusetts, Agero has operations throughout North America and provides software-enabled driving solutions to vehicle manufacturers and insurance providers. This includes roadside assistance, accident management, consumer affairs and telematics.

Established more than 40 years ago, Agero supports more than 115 million vehicles in the United States annually. The company has been a CIECA member since 2012.


“Our industry is rapidly evolving as digital tools continue to proliferate and data volumes grow quickly and exponentially,” said Christina Scalcione, Agero’s senior client services manager. “Being a member of CIECA enables us to stay in sync with the IT needs of our clients and their partners, many of whom are CIECA members and adhere to CIECA’s standards, allowing us to communicate and connect effectively.”

Scalcione said the collision industry can be prone to high costs and long cycle times, issues that can affect both business success and customer satisfaction.


“CIECA helps this industry strategize around IT and streamline information-sharing for better outcomes,” she said.