Tuesday, 04 December 2018 21:28

Subaru Becomes Newest Automaker to Join SCRS as Corporate Member



The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) is pleased to welcome Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) as the newest Original Equipment Manufacturer to pledge a membership in support of the association’s activities.


“It is important for Subaru of America to become a member of SCRS early in our certified collision network’s development and take an active role in the collision repair community,” stated John Lancaster, national wholesale parts manager, Subaru of America, Inc. “Safety is one of our core brand tenets, and promoting safe and proper repairs is a natural fit for us. We at Subaru have found SCRS to be an excellent resource of experts whose values align with ours, and we would like SCRS members to know that we are here to listen and learn and that we are open to any feedback they’d like to provide to us.”

To increase access to the correct repair documentation, Subaru produces and provides Subaru-certified collision centers with complimentary subscriptions to the Subaru Technical Information System (STIS), the system where the automaker’s repair procedures are housed. Subaru also prioritizes maintaining current position statements and providing new positions as technology warrants to help ensure vehicles are repaired correctly.


“As collision repairers, having accurate information to be able to accomplish a thorough, documented and proper repair for the vehicle owner is paramount,” shared SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg. “It’s been really rewarding to watch Subaru develop their program with an absolute focus on listening to the industry and providing the informational resources necessary to protect the consumer. There is an iconic culture around their brand, and so much of that culture revolves around the people who step into the vehicle and the ability to keep them safe and pursuing adventure in their lives. Our job as repairers is to restore that safety, protection and confidence, and it is so much easier with the support and involvement of companies like Subaru.”


“We at Subaru of America are continuously striving for ways to ensure safe and proper repairs on our vehicles,” added Lancaster. “We’ve found that independent collision centers are one of the best references for such improvements, and SCRS creates a unified voice that helps automotive manufacturers identify opportunities to assist automakers, as well as the industry as a whole.”

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